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About myself:

From:  Hawaii, USA

Nationality:  American

Eye Colour:   Brown

Hair Colour:  Brown

Birthday: March 16th

My favourite things:

Food:  Ahi Poke

Movie:  Toy Story

Story:  Vaiana

Holiday Place: Hawaii

Animal: Dolphin     

Colour:  Blue  

Hobbies:  family time, playing ukulele, dancing, singing, reading, gardening,

exercising and discovering

My experience with children:

I worked as a nursery instuctor and have two children of my own who grow up bilingual.

I really enjoy working with children and finding playful and creative ways to help them learn and grow.

I also love learning from them! I am looking forward to meeting and teaching your child here in Hamburg and having fun together.

I joined LolliPops in spring 2017.

Introducing your Teacher


English Teacher in KiTas and Schools